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Personal Goals and Plans Builder v1.0

26 December 2008 in Personal Growth & Development

Personal goals and plans builder v1.0 is one of the first few offerings from my blog on how to use web resources for personal and business growth.

Here is a Personal Goals and Plans Builder (Excel file) – a simple spreadsheet tool that can help you build your own:
1. Personal mission statement for long range, preferably 10 years, and;
2. List, categorise, prioritise and monitor long range goals and action plans for 2009

This spreadsheet tool can help you align your personal goals with with business and professional objectives.

I hope this proves to be a useful new year gift to you. If you think so, please feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues. There is no copyright but a mention of my web site would be appreciated.

Use it in your preferred format:

Excel spreadsheet: This is a link to download the tool in Excel.

Google Docs spreadsheet: This is the link to Personal Goals and Plans Builder v1.0 as a Google Docs spreadsheet. You may save this spreadsheet in your own computer and may change it any way you like.

PDF file: This is a link to the PDF version of the same tool.

Good luck for the new year 2009.

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  • Shalabh Pandey

    very cool stuff Husnain. I would think this is a valuable resource for everyone- the thoughts and the structure is ready- which is the major part.
    We want to do this, but do not do this. And now we don’t have an excuse.
    I would advice yu to make it into an open Google Doc Spreadsheet-so everyone could use it from there


  • Belinda Kerr

    good stuff Hasnain. I find often the “doing” takes place of the all important “planning”. Your tool is simple and on the money! All the best for a great 2009

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